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MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes Offer Safer, Cheaper TIG Welding

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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A special recipe for TIG welding electrode material offers significant benefits in quality, cost, safety and ease-of-use, says its British developer.

MultiStrikes®, developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques®, are designed to weld for longer periods than conventional thoriated tungsten electrodes, tested under similar conditions.

The material avoids traditional radiotoxic and carcinogenic dopants such as thoria, so there is no hazardous dust to be inhaled during grinding.

These dopants have only half the density of thoria, so the blue tipped MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes have twice as much arc striking power than red tipped thoriated tungstens. This technical advantage actually delivers up to ten times the number of arc strikes as thoriated tungsten electrodes in mechanised or automated welding conditions.

Suitable for a wide variety of welding operations, MultiStrikes® are said to be particularly effective in the welding of titanium, stainless steel and aluminium, in industry sectors such as aerospace, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and motor sport.

Each packet of MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes carries a total traceability identification that makes these electrodes particularly valuable for companies operating to ISO9000 standards or to any similar Quality Control standard.

MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes provide savings through longer life, more strikes per electrode before re-grinding, less re-work, less wastage and lower power requirements. There is now no need to stock a range of electrode types - MultiStrike® does everything.

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