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Mozambique Energy Challenges and Opportunities under Analysis

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Challenges for the Energy Industry in Mozambique will be highlighted in an initiative from PSO Strategic Communication, taking place in the 21st & 22nd May, at the Polana Hotel Conference Room in Maputo.

The conference entitled «Challenges in the Energy Sector: a Cross-Sectoral Overview» will address energy needs and potential of Mozambique, and also simultaneously map and analyze the strategic and financing planning and the legal framework as well for companies making their debut in Mozambique.

"The country is in a process of restructuring and growth. This crossroad is a key moment to create a sustained and integrated base of necessary infrastructures to stimulate and create value to the economy and local populations. This conference emerges precisely in this momentum", says Paulo Soares de Oliveira, President and founder of PSO Strategic Communication.

The conference will be attended by, among others, the Minister of Energy, Mr. Salvador Namburete, the Minister of Planning and Development, Mr. Aiuba Cuereneia, the Minister of Mineral Resources, Mrs. Esperança Laurinda Bias, and the President of the National Oil Institute, Mr. Arsénio Mabote.

Taking into account the current economic situation and investment opportunities, PSO will bring together experts from six nations to debate and analyze the energy panorama and tangent areas - construction, environment, transport and logistics - to create a base of understanding and discussion for high economic impact projects.
Under discussion will be the needs, potential and goals for each of the sectors, with the possibility of creating synergies and valuable business collaborations through a business networking promoted by the Conference.

Please find more information at http://ceimozambique2013.com